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Decontamination and Sterilisation

06 February 2024

Infection Prevention and Control

23 - 24 April 2024

Wound Care Plenary

23 - 24 April 2024

Healthcare Facilities Management

September 2024

Global Empowerment for Healthcare

For over a decade, Knowlex has been a trusted ally for healthcare professionals. Our core mission is to provide educational resources that span the entire healthcare domain. Partnering with key government advisory groups like SAGE, we facilitate local leaders in seamlessly executing national health strategies. While our foundation is in the UK, we’ve expanded globally, collaborating with renowned peers from Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Our goal: an informed, efficient healthcare community delivering superior patient care.


Knowlex’s conferences are designed to convene over 400 healthcare experts. These events allow professionals to engage with policy advisors, discover cutting-edge technologies, and learn about services that enhance their service delivery and fiscal efficiency.

E-Learning Platform

Our digital training platform offers complimentary CPD-accredited courses for all UK healthcare personnel. With an extensive lineup of courses, we believe this platform will serve as a valuable, user-friendly educational resource for your teams.


Knowlex’s webinar series bridges the gap between healthcare professionals nationwide and global thought leaders. From the comfort of their workspace, participants can tune into live discussions with experts from around the globe.

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We take pride in collaborating with premier infection prevention and control experts from both the public and private sectors globally.

Here’s what some of our healthcare leaders have said

I thought the IPC conference was well-organised, and that you were very speedy and competent to amend the order of speakers to accommodate late arrivals

Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness, NHS England, interim National Director of Patient Safety at NHS Improvement

The 2018 IPC Knowlex Conference was a very successful event and was well attended by numerous healthcare professionals with an interest in infection

Antimicrobial Pharmacist University of Hospitals, Leicester NHS Trust & NHSI National Project Lead

All arrangements and preparations were fine, good media coverage, the location is great. The timing was perfect and there was a variety of topics

Chief of Quality Improvement, Alameda Healthcare Egypt & JCI Independent Consultant