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Hello, and welcome to the Intermediate Level Handwashing e-module!

This module has been written as part of an Infection Prevention measure for staff working in the NHS, Social and Domiciliary care, but is open to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge or learn how to protect themselves and others around them.

Throughout the history of Infection Control, hand hygiene has been a prominent theme which forms the basis for all other interventions to work from. This dates back to Ignaz Semmelweiss in 1847 who reduced obstetric mortality from 18.4% to 1.9% by encouraging his colleagues to wash their hands after post mortems and between cases with a Chlorinated lime solution. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SAGE and Public Health England have consistently emphasised how important hand hygiene is, and that we should be washing for 20 seconds at every wash. This is only part of the story. Through this module we aim to give you more information, the theory behind the policies and arm you will the knowledge to be an even better practitioner!

In this module we will cover:

            Basic microbiology

            How to wash your hands, and why it is so important.

            What to wash with and when.

            The chain of infection, how you can break the chain and keep yourself and others safe


            Accountability- yours and your employers.

            Health promotion and protecting you!

We have tried to keep this informative and fun. There are checkpoints throughout this module so you can do small sections when you can.  

Good luck, and happy hand washing!

Knowlex will be working with various healthcare organisations to produce online training materials. This allows healthcare professionals to be able to demonstrate through CPD certification that they have undertaken training to improve their knowledge, skills and performance.

Topics for this course

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Hand Hygiene Sections

Microbiology Test
Chain Of Infection
Hand Hygiene
Hand Hygiene Test
Risk & Risk Management
Risk and Risk Management Test
Accountability Test
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