This survey is seeking your views to help improve wound care, which affects millions of people every year. Wound care is provided by doctors, nurses and other health and care professionals, sharing information about a person’s care within the team is key to good care.

Hear from our person lead Tracy Goodwin on why good record keeping is important for wound care, management and treatment: 

PRSB is working with the National Wound Care Strategy Programme to make sure the right information is shared within the care team and with the people themselves to provide the best treatment. We are creating a standard for the information that should be recorded in care records to:  

  • Support better wound care so that people have fewer symptoms, improved healing and their experience of care is improved, in line with the national strategy.
  • Make sure wound care information can be shared digitally so the care team can support people at every stage of their care, and the person has information to help themselves.

The focus is on wound care for pressure ulcers, lower limb (leg and foot) and surgical wounds. It includes assessment, management, maintenance and prevention. It will be UK-wide and across all health and care settings.


This survey is based on a draft information standard developed from research and evidence gathering and consultation through webinars with front line staff for each wound type. 

People’s care records already include personal information, general health information and details about who is part of a person’s care team. We want you to look in detail at the information needed for wound care including:

•        Treatment Plan
•        Wound Assessment and Treatment
•        Supported Self Management (this is self-care supported by healthcare professionals) 

The Treatment plan is part of a person’s overall care plan which includes information about a  person’s preferences and needs from their point of view and should be used by any member of a person’s care team to help manage all their health and care needs including supported self-management. The  PRSB “Personalised Care and Support Plan” (PCSP) standard should be used to set out details of  the treatment plan.

The standard applies to these three wound types: pressure ulcers, lower limb (leg and foot) and surgical wounds. The surgical wounds process is slightly different to that of other wound types and would start with pre-surgery assessment, leading to preventative actions and treatments to start immediately after surgery, and there would also be a prompt escalation back to the surgical team should the wound become infected or healing is delayed. 

All parts of the standard will include provenance data (who provided what care, when, where) to be recorded in the record. 

We have now launched a wound care survey to test its usability. Please take 10 minutes to fill it out. The deadline is 3 January at 9am.