A Decade of Empowering Healthcare Professionals Globally

For over a decade, Knowlex has been the trusted partner of healthcare professionals globally. Rooted in the UK and expanding worldwide, Knowlex collaborates with key government advisory groups to facilitate the seamless execution of national health strategies.

At the heart of our mission is the Knowlex Scientific Advisory Board—a team of experts dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare. With a focus on critical care, infectious disease research, forensic science, healthcare management, infection prevention, and antimicrobial resistance, our board members bring a wealth of experience to drive innovation.

The Knowlex Scientific Advisory Board, led by seasoned professionals, stands as a driving force behind our initiatives. As we embark on the journey to address global healthcare challenges, their collective expertise ensures the efficacy, safety, and impact of our endeavors in the dynamic landscape of Healthcare particularly in Infection Prevention and Control. 

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Knowlex is proud to announce its distinguished Scientific Advisory Board, composed of renowned experts in healthcare. The board includes:

Ron Daniels (Founder and Chief Executive, UK Sepsis Trust)

Dr. Ron Daniels is a Consultant in Critical Care at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, and a key figure in global sepsis advocacy. As Vice President of the Global Sepsis Alliance and Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, he has played a pivotal role in advancing sepsis awareness, care protocols, and government policies.

Katie Laird (Head of Infectious Disease Research Group, De Montfort University)

Prof. Katie Laird (Co-Founder of A Germ’s Journey) is a Professor in Microbiology in the School of Pharmacy and Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group at De Montfort University. She has a BSc (Hons) in Biology and obtained a PhD in applied microbiology in 2008.

Sarah Fieldhouse (Associate Professor, Staffordshire University)

As an Associate Professor at Staffordshire University, she specializes in fingerprints, deposition force variation, and alternate light sources. With a leadership role in forensic research and a focus on diverse topics, including infection prevention in healthcare, she supervises a substantial number of PhD students and contributes significantly to the field of forensic science.

Emma Brookes (Head of Soft FM Strategy Operations, NHS England and NHS Improvement, Commercial Directorate)

Emma, with 28 years of experience in Facilities Management, has been a vital member of the NHS England Estates and Facilities team since July 2017. Holding a master’s degree in Healthcare Leadership, she spearheads policy and strategy development for soft facilities services, contributing significantly to projects such as National Standards for Healthcare Cleanliness and managing critical initiatives during the Covid pandemic.

Janine Patrickson-Daly (Regional Head of IPC, Northeast and Yorkshire, NHS England)

A seasoned Registered Nurse with over 20 years of NHS experience and a Master’s level education, she excels in operational management, service development, and strategic planning. Renowned for her motivational leadership, she fosters an inclusive management style, prioritizing patient and staff safety while demonstrating a strong commitment to driving sustainable improvements in today’s evolving healthcare landscape.

Professor Mark Wilcox (National Clinical Director for Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention and Control, NHS England)

Professor Mark Wilcox is a distinguished figure in infection prevention and control, with an extensive career at LTHT where he held leadership roles in microbiology and pathology. His pivotal contributions extend to national and international levels, including his role in SAGE and chairing a subgroup on Nosocomial Infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a renowned expert, he advises government bodies, serves on editorial boards, and leads a prolific research team at the University of Leeds, focusing on healthcare-associated infections, antibiotic resistance, and clinical development of antimicrobial agents. With over 560 publications and numerous clinical trials, Professor Wilcox is a leading authority in the field.

Philip Shelley (Senior Operational Manager and National Lead for Net Zero Food, NHS England)

Philip Shelley, as Senior Operational & Policy Manager at NHS England, led the pivotal NHS Review of Hospital Food, championing recommendations and enhancing Soft Facilities Management, particularly in cleanliness and linen management. Acknowledged with prestigious awards, including the 2018 Public Sector Catering Award and the 2020 Outstanding Service Award, he actively fosters collaboration across healthcare organizations for a comprehensive approach to catering services.

Rebecca Porta (Chief Executive,The Urology Foundation)

Rebecca Porta, Chief Executive of The Urology Foundation, with over 30 years in the voluntary sector, having held senior roles in prominent health charities. Renowned for her transformative leadership, she has driven growth and initiated key healthcare services, notably in her 11-year tenure at Orchid Cancer Appeal.


Always happy to help where I can – to note I am hearing extremely complimentary things about all the Knowlex events to the point where other conferences are asking how they can replicate the success – definitely keep doing what you are doing!

Emma Brookes, Head of Soft FM Strategy Operations at NHS England and NHS Improvement, Commercial Directorate

Just a quick note to say thank you to you personally for looking after myself and Tim yesterday, and to the rest of the team for a brilliantly arranged conference.

 We have had a number of experiences working with you all in the past and today felt the best yet – thank you for the considerations taken to ensure that the day ran smoothly.

I will certainly endeavour to attend whenever I am invited to future events, and I look forward to Knowlex hosting the hospital catering day that we spoke about.Let me know when you are available for the meeting with myself, and Tim and we can arrange our diaries accordingly.

Once again please pass on my sincere thanks and congratulations to the team for the excellent conference yesterday, it was a superb example of how conferences should be organised.

Philip Shelley, Senior Operational Manager and National Lead for Net Zero Food at NHS England

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