Nilaqua Alcohol Free Sanitiser, better than alcohol? 

At Waterless Limited we have battled a number of nasties such as Swine Flu and gone head to head with Ebola, both of which have prepared us for the fight against Coronavirus. The team here reckon their sanitiser is simply the best in the world. So here’s why we should ditch alcohol… 

Nilaqua had previously been tested to be effective against Norovirus, MRSA, Swine Flu, C-Diff and much more, so when the recent outbreak arose the formula was put through further testing at a leading UK top test house showing the alcohol free sanitiser was effective against all Coronavirus’ in under 1 minute.

Nilaqua alcohol-free formula is not only virucidal, but sporicidal, bactericidal and even fungicidal. Used daily in the NHS since 2016 and proven to kill up to 99.9999% of germs, the difference between thousands and tens of thousands of germs.

Nilaqua starts working immediately and continues its activity for up to 6 hours post application, which is the key to avoiding cross contamination (i.e. door handles that someone has touched). Unlike alcohol sanitisers which kill germs once and evaporates, Nilaqua works by applying an invisible protective glove to your hands which are also tested skin safe and vegan friendly. So why would you consider an evaporation process that can cause microfissures  in the hands actually trapping more bacteria. Your hands then get worse throughout the day instead of better.

Nilaqua has none of the health and safety issues associated with alcohol gels and is kind to the skin, not only children and frail skin but the Dr’s and nurses who have to apply this all day long. Surely it should be an encouraging, enjoyable experience? Thus furthering compliance. 

Nilaqua is a UK company who is based in the cotswolds, uses 25% recycled plastic in their bottles, and offers bulk fill options for a better, safer future.

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See for yourself! All test data and testimonials at www.alcoholfreesanitiser.co.uk, all items available on supply chain.