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CQC outlines plans to monitor Infection Prevention and Control over winter

by CQC

Our infection prevention and control (IPC) inspections are already being rolled out across care locations in England and we will share the results of those inspections on our website in a simple and easy to access layout so that the public can be assured across a number of key criteria that a care location has an effective approach to infection prevention control. Over 400 IPC inspections reports have now been published on our website and from today the public will be able to have an accessible overview. In our IPC inspections we look to see that:

  • Adequate PPE is available for staff and residents to control infection safely
  • Staff are properly trained to deal with outbreaks and the proper procedures are in place
  • Shielding and social distancing are being complied with
  • The layout of premises, use of space and hygiene practice promote safety.

Source: https://www.cqc.org.uk/news/stories/cqc-outlines-plans-monitor-infection-prevention-control-ipc-over-winter?utm_source=BenchmarkEmail&utm_campaign=Knowlex_Quarterly_Newsletter_2&utm_medium=email

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Switching to lower carbon devices has the potential to reduce medicine costs

by Briain Kelly

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition and can occur when the body develops an infection which then affects the organs such as the heart, lungs, brain and kidneys.

It affects approximately 15,000 people in Ireland each year and can prove fatal if not treated quickly.

“Sepsis is a common time-dependent medical emergency which can affect a person of any age and can strike irrespective of underlying good health or medical conditions.,” said Helen Donovan, Sepsis Lead at Galway University Hospitals.

Source: https://www.hsj.co.uk/pharmaceuticals/switching-to-lower-carbon-devices-has-the-potential-to-reduce-medicine-costs1/7028394.article

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Coronavirus: the truth against the myths

Some alarming news are being heard lately concerning a new virus outbreak from China: the ‘Coronavirus’. It is one of the main topics on the media and the internet, but not all information we receive is true. A lot of myths are being spread. These false ideas are only causing fear and anxiousness on people, so the truth must be known in order to calm this unnecessary nervousness. However, before that, let’s put things into context.

This is not the first time that humans face a health threat coming from a Coronavirus family member: in 2003, the SARS-CoV caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and in 2012 the MERS-CoV provoked the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Now, a new coronavirus epidemic has been reported coming from Wuhan, China. The so called 2019-nCoV. Its transmission can be done between animals and humans, and from person to person. Infected people can present mild symptoms such as cough or fever. Severe expressions of the disease are also possible, such as pneumonia, kidney failure and even death. Since we previously did not know about this virus, no treatment nor vaccines are available.

So, what about the myths? It is said that the coronavirus can come in packages from China. However, the virus does not survive long on objects, so there is no need to worry about getting infected by this mean. It is completely safe to receive anything from China. It is also said that pets at home may spread the virus, but there is no evidence that this happens. This does not mean you do not have to wash your hands after contact with pets. It should always be done to prevent other potential infections, such as Salmonella.

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Coronavirus: Intensive care night shift in pictures

Intensive care units are on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, working to keep the most seriously ill patients alive.

Access into these units is extremely restricted, but I was allowed to spend a 12-hour shift with the overnight ICU team at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride.

Hairmyres Hospital normally has one intensive care unit, but now there are two Covid wards and two ICU areas for Covid patients.

The primary ICU has been running at 240% capacity for most of the Covid crisis, and its equipped to flex up to 400%.


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‘We’re worried people who are sick are not contacting us’; Coronavirus impact on Cork GP services

GENERAL PRACTICE has changed drastically in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting for the safety of both patients and staff .

Face-to-face consultations and packed waiting rooms have been replaced with video assessments and phone calls, as GP practices across Cork and Ireland have met head-on the constraints brought forward by the global crisis.

But while the general practice has changed, Cork GP Dr Nick Flynn emphases that services are still very much there for patients during this difficult time.

“General practice is open for business, not business as usual, but open for all the usual business,” he said. 

“It’s so important that the public understand this and know that general practice is still there for them for the routine stuff during this difficult period.

“We’re worried that people who are sick are not contacting us.

Full story at: https://www.echolive.ie/corknews/Were-worried-people-who-are-sick-are-not-contacting-us-Coronavirus-impact-on-Cork-GP-services-7df81505-77c3-4f9b-b275-f48aee7a9309-ds

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Coronavirus Update 25th April

As of 9am 26 April, 669,850 tests have concluded, with 29,058 tests on 25 April. 543,413 people have been tested of which 152,840 tested positive.

As of 5 pm on 25 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 20,732 have sadly died.

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Coronavirus Update 24th April

As of 9am 25 April, 640,792 tests have concluded, with 28,760 tests on 24 April. 517,836 people have been tested of which 148,377 tested positive.

As of 5 pm on 24 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 20,319 have sadly died.

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Coronavirus Update 23rd April

As of 9am 23 April, 583,496 tests have concluded, with 23,560 tests on 22 April. 425,821 people have been tested of which 138,078 tested positive.

As of 5 pm on 22 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 18,738 have sadly died.

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Coronavirus Update 22nd April

As of 9am 22 April, 559,935 tests have concluded, with 22,814 tests on 21 April. 411,192 people have been tested of which 133,495 tested positive. As of 5pm on 21 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 18,100 have sadly died.