Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock spoke at the Royal College of Physicians about the future of healthcare.

Thank you very much.

I want to start by taking you back to the tail-end of a long and very hot London summer many years ago.

One night late at night, at a bakery in the City, a spark leapt out of an oven and ignited some nearby fuel.

London’s largely timber-framed buildings were bone-dry at that time. Tightly packed together in the narrow, unplanned medieval streets.

The year of course was 1666 and we all know what happened next.

When a system is hit with a big external shock it can be utterly devastating.

London lost a third of its buildings in the Great Fire, including its cathedral.

100,000 people were made homeless.

And the cost of rebuilding the city has been calculated in today’s money at 37 billion pounds.

But that same devastating shock can force people to find new and better ways of doing things.

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