Nilaqua skin cleansing foam is a wonder for washing incontinence and all over the body without water. This is not an aerosol that dries the skin, but a kind and gentle water-based solution that really removes, dirt, faeces, urine, blood and iodine – without additional water or rinsing! In 2016 Nilaqua further developed this product to include antimicrobial properties that are effective against a huge number of pathogens including spores, bacteria and all enveloped viruses. Ideal for washing in isolation, staff before and after shifts, those with low immunity and wounds pre and post-op care. 

To use simply apply directly to the area of the body i.e. leg, leave to activate for 30 seconds; gently massage to combine with the blood etc, then wipe off. Leaving soft clean skin. 

These products are wonderful and already on the supply chain, please see codes: MRB1086  this is 200ml, 20 per case. 

Visit https://nilaqua.co.uk/wash-skin-without-water/ for more information